Workout 2: Narrative

In order to excel in workout two, I designed a professional brochure through Microsoft Publisher. Each page had a detailed description on a unique animal in the Tropical Rainforest. I discovered and elaborated on those animals that many observers do not come across each day. Since I did not have very much experience with using this Microsoft product prior to this class, I found workout two to be the most invigorating thus far.

The finished brochure was not as straightforward. I found the process incredibly time-consuming and difficult. When I first read the instructions on this workout, I thought Publisher was another tab through Microsoft Word . . . but I was incorrect. Unfortunately, I realized that I did not have Microsoft Publisher installed on my computer at all. Instead, I had to call my step-father who lives in Springfield, Illinois. He then needed to contact the help center of the Microsoft Company. Eventually, I downloaded the merchandise from the website but a paid a great of money for it. After all that, however, I became familiar with the software and would strongly advise anyone to use it for its fast and easy use.

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